Action Alert:: Fight Terrible Foreclosure Bills

Please call your State Representative, State Senator and Governor Syder (517-373-3400) and encourage them to vote NO on HB 4765, HB 4766, SB380 and SB 383 and all bills tie-barred to them.  Under the "compromise", homeowners lose the automatic redemption period.

Justice Caucus Opposes "Chained CPI" Cuts to Social Security

The Justice Caucus, Michigan’s progressive democratic caucus with over 2500 members statewide, opposes the proposed “Chained CPI” cut to Social Security benefits.  Committed to social and economic justice, the Justice Caucus is described by State Senator Glenn Anderson as, “the conscience of the Michigan Democratic Party.”  Our members include disabled and retired people, veterans, students, working people, small business owners, professionals and others.

Senator Bernie Sanders Will Give Keynote Address at Millie Jeffrey Dinner

Justice for Michigan PAC, the political action committee of the Justice Caucus, has announced that U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will give the keynote address at its 2013 Millie Jeffrey Awards Dinner.  Sen. Bernie Sanders is the longest serving independent in U.S. congressional history.

Be Sure Your Vote is Counted at Convention

Did you know there are nearly 20,000 people throughout the state of
Michigan who are eligible to vote at the MDP Convention?

So, who can vote?

Exciting Program Planned for Convention

The Justice Caucus is pleased to announce an exciting program at the Michigan Democratic Party convention on Saturday, February 23rd. The meeting will be held at 10am in Room W2-65, Cobo Hall.

Citizens United v. FEC

The Invisible "Person" in Michigan Elections

Caucus Endorses Lon Johnson for MDP Chair

In response to numerous requests from Caucus members, our Non-Judicial Endorsements Committee conducted in-depth interviews with both candidates for Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party, Mark Brewer and Lon Johnson. Based upon those interviews, the respective candidates' records and their proposed plans for the MDP in future elections, the Justice Caucus Board of Directors voted to endorse Lon Johnson for Chair of the MDP.


Fight Right to Work for Less!

Mobilization around trying to stop Right to Work (for Less) RTW continues, we can’t let the bullies in the legislature and Governor’s office just have their way with us.  The bills will be back in front of the Legislature on Tuesday, December 11, and if passed will be sent to the Governor’s office.  

Here is what you can do to help:

Justice Caucus puts on spectacular Camp Millie in Northern Michigan

Onaway, MI - On June 9-10, 2012 the Justice Caucus held its 20th Camp Millie at the UAW Black Lake Conference Center.  Camp Millie, the progressive political action training program, had more than 20 participants.

Board Member Wins Supreme Court Case

From:  Paul Stevenson, Administrative Co-Chair

I write to salute our fellow Justice Caucus Board Member, Chair of our Justice Caucus Judicial Endorsements Committee and President of the Michigan Chapter of the American Constitution Society, Valerie Newman.