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Stand Up NOW For Wisconsin Public Workers!

By Nan Melke - Posted on 18 February 2011


Caucus Board Member Jack Schneider forwarded this message to us from Michigan Education Association President Iris Salters.  She urges MEA members to act to support Wisconsin public employees currently under attack by a Republican Governor & Legislature.
With the memory of our Coalition Building discussion at our meeting at Convention, we urge Justice Caucus members and friends to take action NOW to support Wisconsin workers.  Michigan could be next!
From: Salters, Iris (President, Michigan Education Association)
It pains me that I have to come to you with bad news so early in the day.  Our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin need our help!
This week in Wisconsin, the rights of thousands of public workers are at risk.  And your rights could be next on the chopping block!
Wisconsin’s new Republican governor is trying to ram a bill through his Republican Legislature attacking public employees and working families, eliminating collective bargaining and the ability of unions to advocate for the middle class. Guised as a budget solution, it’s nothing more than yet another political attack on working families and the unions that represent them.
MEA has sent assistance to our union brothers and sisters in Wisconsin to help fight this attack. But we need your help as well!
Log on to the Wisconsin Education Association Council’s website or WEAC’s Facebook page to learn what’s happening and post messages of support.  Urge your members to do the same – forward this message to their home emails.
These difficult times won’t end at Wisconsin’s borders – attacks on Michigan public workers are probably on the way.  Please stay informed and help your colleagues in Wisconsin in their time of need.
-- Iris K. Salters – MEA President