You are hereJustice Caucus puts on spectacular Camp Millie in Northern Michigan

Justice Caucus puts on spectacular Camp Millie in Northern Michigan

Onaway, MI - On June 9-10, 2012 the Justice Caucus held its 20th Camp Millie at the UAW Black Lake Conference Center.  Camp Millie, the progressive political action training program, had more than 20 participants.

At Camp Millie Northern Michigan, participants were taught a variety of tools and techniques to run a successful political campaign. Presenters invited from all over the state taught participants the tools that they use to win campaigns including building a campaign plan, messaging, campaign finance law, fundraising, volunteer recruitment and utilizing social media.

Adam Lawrence, candidate for state representative (district 99) described his Camp Millie experience this way, “it reminded me of the resources that are available to me to be successful.”

Check out these testimonials from the new graduates!

Camp Millie is a political education program designed to teach participants how to effectively build, fund, and run successful political campaigns. Camp Millie was named for former Justice Caucus board member the late political activist Millie Jeffrey (1910-2004).  Jeffrey organized workers, advised political leaders, was a tireless advocate for justice.  She was on the board of the Justice Caucus until her death in 2004.

Photos and videos from Camp Millie Northern Michigan are available on the Justice Caucus website at and on the Justice Caucus Facebook and YouTube pages.