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Testimonials: What Our Alumni Say About Camp Millie

“Camp Millie was jam-packed with useful information for candidates, and those who want to help them. A newcomer to running for office, I found the information invaluable: we role-played tricky door-to-door situations, learned how to raise money, and received excellent tips about developing eye-catching literature. I made many beneficial contacts. It was downright fun! (And I won my election defeating a GOP incumbent).”

- former State Representative Mary Valentine


“Camp Millie gave me the tools to be politically active in my community. I've never been so fired up about politics in my life!”


“The "Camp" exceeded [my] expectations. The presenters did an excellent job. The information was relevant and timely, for me. The experience was inspiring for me, seeing all of the people who are so dedicated and passionate about the Democratic cause. .... I have been nervous about what a daunting task it is [to mount a campaign], but Camp Millie helped me to see is as, well, still daunting, but possible!!”


“Currently, I'm ...chair of the Allegan County Democratic Party. Having run for office before attending Camp Millie, I learned a bunch more about what I could have done. Consequently, I'm strongly urging ... people who are considering running for local offices in our county to attend the Camp Millie.... It's a wonderful program and we are going to use all the info from their experience to help our candidates get elected....”

-Cathy Brockington


"Anyone running needs to seek this program out. It'll be extremely helpful."


"Wish I'd gone through this Camp before I ran the 1st time, it would have saved heartaches & mistakes."


"As a student [Camp Millie] was inspirational & getting into politics is a lot more real."


"It gave me tools & reminded me of resources available to be successful."


"Information was clear and concise".


"Campaign financing and internet access information helped a lot".


"Gives me a foundation to start my campaign; really a good use of my time".


"Social media being addressed was important because a large portion of the electorate is there".


"Learned techniques to reach audiences & constituencies to make the world a better place".