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Join The Fight To Repeal The Emergency Manager Act!

By Nan Melke - Posted on 30 August 2011

Dear Fellow Justice Caucus Member,

I am writing to request that you join the Justice Caucus and Michigan Forward  in gathering petitions to repeal Public Act 4, i.e. Michigan's Emergency Manager Law.  As you know, the recently enacted amendments to Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law have been widely criticized as anti-democratic and seen as yet another example of the Snyder Administration’s hostile attitude toward teachers, firefighters, police officers, and all other public sector and unionized employees.

The Justice Caucus has been asked to reach out to our vast network of local Democrats and progressive organizations to build this campaign on a statewide basis.

Please join the Justice Caucus and Michigan Forward in a massive push to gather the 161,304 signatures needed to repeal this law.  Currently over 120,000 signatures are already in!

Please review the list of communities in which Michigan Forward has already organized a “Community Action Team” to coordinate their petition drive. If you live in one of those communities I ask that you contact the Community Action Team leader and offer your services. If you are in a community without an existing Community Action Team, I need you to form one. Michigan Forward has a complete packet of information available on the process for assembling a team and all the materials you will need to accomplish the task. You will also participate in a weekly conference call to obtain updates on the petition drive provide input on the strategy going forward. Your expertise will be invaluable to this endeavor.

Because of the pressing need for our help I am asking that you take action on my request within the three days by either contacting your local Community Action Team or click the following link to contact Michigan Forward directly, Volunteer, and request instructions for starting your own.

Please send me an email at confirming those contacts so I can track our efforts.

This request presents a great opportunity for the Justice Caucus. Not only will we be part of a notable effort to protect the working families of Michigan and send a message to Lansing that we will not sit idly by as our rights are eroded, but we will also demonstrate the ability of the Justice Caucus to respond and organize when the interests of the People are threatened.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.


Tonya Phillips
Chair: Repeal PA 4 Subcommittee. Michigan Justice Caucus